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About Minexle

Minexle has taken the familiar vanilla default and has modified it by adding a large array of significant challenges aimed at prolonging the vanilla experience and promoting player to player interactions. Like with any true anarchy server, there will be no central hub, or active administration to dictate how you should play. This is your story, your way of rule.

Minexle began as a strictly vanilla Anarchy server, however, the server's complex and unconventional approach to the survival gamemode deterred many new players. After a brief hiatus, I started a small SMP server with my friends where I took inspiration from what worked with Minexle and experimented with our survival world. Today, Minexle is at it's core an anarchy vanilla server with the addition of the popular gamemode, Towny.

The server is currently on 1.19.2 but supports 1.8 - 1.19 clients. You can join by connecting to minexle.net.

Note: Minexle is an 18+ community server. By participating on the server or connecting with us on our social media platforms, you are expected to be comfortable around mature content.

A beautiful plateau can be seen with a large river flowing through it on the Minexle minecraft server.
An example of Minexle's unique world generation displaying just one of many beautiful wonders asking to be explored.


For years I've wanted to find a server taking in all the great aspects of an SMP, modded survival, and Factions while allowing for a truly 100% player-run economy. I'm doing this by modifying a number of core vanilla mechanics or adding to it to improve the multiplayer experience. I hope to maintain the familiar vanilla environment while applying new mechanics that prolong the multiplayer vanilla experience that promotes a player-run economy. In addition, a true player-run economy should have as little server/admin involvement as possible as this inequality can introduce unwanted "biases" into the economy. Essentially, in order to have a true player-run economy, it has to reside on a player-run server, hence the anarchy aspect of this server.


I strive to keep the server as autonomous/player-run as possible. To promote a balanced and fair atmosphere for all players to play on I've added one simple rule which you can read about here.

For a list of Minexle Archive rules please check out the About Minexle Archives page for more information.

Open Alpha

The server is currently in Open Alpha! What this means is rather then traditionally leaving the server closed until a proper release I wanted to open the server up as soon as possible to get a feedback on the development of the server, especially given the massive number of features yet to come, and since I want this to be a community-driven server. With this there will definitely be a large number of bugs, especially since I'm hosting/running and developing the server and the website by myself, therefore it's hard to take note of all the bugs that could come from these custom features. Therefore if you ever run into an issue, please contact me at [email protected].

It should be noted that there will be many unannounced feature changes and added mechanics. The hope is to create a consistent, immutable world instance, however, world resets are unfortunately a reality that we must accept, as they may be necessary to further improve balancing and resolve any potential instabilities. Please follow @minexle on twitter for any important announcements/updates.

Future of Minexle

There is no detailed timeline for when any of these features will be released, however, you can follow the twitter account @minexle for updates on the progress of these features.

Also none of these features are final. If you have a suggestion for a new feature or an adjustment to existing one feel free to reach out to me [email protected].


Although the name of this new redstone block is still being determined, it is meant to be a new and only source of power to redstone circuits. This means that the mechanics of redstone will be heavily modified to change how redstone circuits will receive power. A redstone lever for example will no longer be able to power circuits without a power source. Batteries do not hold an infinite charge, they must be recharged from a number of "power-generating" blocks.

An example of a redstone circuit is shown.
An example of a redstone circuit is shown.

For example, a furnace is an example of a block that would generate a redstone signal when burning an item. You could in theory power an entire circuit with a single furnace, however, it may be smarter to charge a battery with this signal to more consistently keep a circuit powered even after the furnace finishes burning its fuel.

The power a circuit requires/draws from a source block is also dependent on how large/complex the redstone circuit is. A redstone wire for example draws almost no power, while a piston or a repeater draws much more power. If for example you wanted to power a very complex/large redstone circuit you would need a lot of batteries/large array of "power-generating" blocks.

The goal with this feature is promote resource acquisition. An infinite source of power not only isn't great for attempting to encourage resource acquisition albeit through peaceful trades or wars but also can place stress on the server's performance overtime. If we look at world society, power plays a major role in the development of societies around the world and their relationships with one another since it's a finite source. To promote a similar growth on the server, redstone mechanics are being altered to allow for this addition.

The End

A depiction of the overhauled end generation with the datapack, Nullscape.
Nullscape, a datapack designed to overhaul the end generation.

I am not satisfied with the current design of the end since the dimension is not "multiplayer-friendly". The idea of having players spawn in the same location (the spawn island) within the End with only one dragon to kill leads only to chaos and potentially prevents others from experiencing the challenge for themselves.

I also feel that for a late game challenge such as the End, it doesn't really live up to its name and purpose. Its generation has remained untouched and bland ever since Mojang has overhauled the Overworld and the Nether dimensions' generation. For this reason, there are a number of plans to overhaul the End generation with a popular datapack, Nullscape. There are plans to remove the spawn island entirely and make the Enderdragon a much tougher beast to tackle, which will spawn naturally within the End.

The End will be a challenging dimension to work on, however, I hope that once it is done, it will provide a worthwhile and exciting late game challenge for everyone and an experience that doesn't get old.

Tameable Entities

This is the biggest and most complex feature to come, and yet will be a major defining point for Minexle. This feature aims to provide the most advanced entity/pet/taming mechanic ever introduced into the game. There is a lot of ground to cover here so I will routinely update this page with updates to this feature as much as I can.

The basic premise for this feature is that you will be able to tame just about any living entity with varying techniques. It's important to note, however, that not all living entities can be efficiently tamed the same way. For example, for a Villager to fall into a "submissive" state, you may need to regularly give it emeralds. Hostile mobs on the other hand may need to be "tortured" into submission. Passive or Neutral mobs may need to either be tortured or be rewarded in some way to fall into a "submissive" state. This "submissiveness" mechanic is still being planned out and thus it's difficult to provide any significant detail. As noted earlier, this page will be updated routinely to bring any notable updates about these features.

An example of a skill-based minigame inside the game, Undertale.
An example of a skill-based minigame inside the game, Undertale.

Once in a "submissive" state, you can begin "training" your entity. Training will be a super unique and "configurable" mechanic allowing you to have your entities behave a certain way. It will involve a unique visual-based programming mechanic. With the number of trainable/unlocked elements dependent on how well/much you have trained your entity and your personal skill. In order to tame your entity you will have to first "program" a set of behaviors with an easy-to-use in-game GUI system. Once you are happy with the results, you will need to finalize your "training program" by training your entity with it. Essentially this involves a number of in-game skill-based checks with your entity that progressively get more difficult depending on a number of variables. Skill-based checks will be taking inspiration from games like Undertale where passing one of the minigames allows you to progress in interesting ways. Successfully completing all these checks will be used to determine if your entity will be trained or not with your given program.

Examples of "training programs" is having a Skeleton stand guard at a specific spot along your castle wall and guard it against intruders identified by players trying to break the castle wall.

Another example would be training a Villager to sell items in a provided chest with a given price value in a market square.

The possibilities are endless, from having entities mine out large areas of the world for you while you're gone, or ensuring your base is properly defended from griefers, to simply having a skilled furry friend follow you on your adventures, keeping you safe from dangers that lurk in the dark. I'm very excited to begin working on this feature down the road and seeing how the community develops with it.