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Dec 3rd 2022 - Site Update

Over the course of the past month, many new players have joined the server. Although some have remained, many may have been deterred by the small community and/or unfamiliar environment. This is to be expected, and in the coming months, the hope is to ramp up the number of advertisements considerably, while also working on making changes to the server so that it is more inviting for new players. It is essential, however, that during this stage of development for the server, that you report any instabilities, bugs, or general suggestions in the discord under the #bug-reports channel so that we may further improve the server for new and current players. 

Now let's undergo a list of recently made changes to both the website and server. 

Site Performance Improvements
   * Added Vote page for you to vote for the server at. Be sure to check it out to help grow the community!
   * Content Delivery Network (CDN) implemented for faster site-load times.
   * Improved security with Cloudflare's DDoS protection, bot attacks, and other malicious activities.

Server Changes
  * Resolved an inconsistency in the Anti-Xray service. 
    Ores should consistently remain disguised regardless of your location.

A number of other smaller changes were made that didn't make it to this changelog. I plan on maintaining a more detailed changelog so that the next update provides an extensive list of changes. 

For many of us, as the holidays are quickly approaching, the busier our lives are getting. This is true for myself, hence the sudden slowdown in development, however, many new massive changes are quickly on their way so stay tuned!

Stay safe and Happy Holidays! ☃️

Oct 26th 2022 - Minexle Update

Minexle is undergoing some massive changes. Launched on July 13th, Minexle only lasted for approximately a few weeks before being taken down again. It became apparent that the unconventional approach towards survival proved a bit too much, and deterred new players from starting. 

Over the months I started a small SMP server with my friends, giving me time to further contemplate a Minexle reboot.

In the coming weeks I hope to release Minexle, taking key principles that I liked from the original launch and merging more contemporary/community-friendly mechanisms. 

How Will Minexle Be Different?

One of the biggest changes will be a more familiar player chat system and less player anonymity. A dedicated discord server will be setup this time around on top of the existing communication mediums that existed earlier. 

Custom block breaking mechanics and player weight system have been removed. These mechanics were too underdeveloped and proved more of a nuisance rather then a unique survival mechanic.

A modified version of Towny and some add-ons will provide a unique experience that will allow you to protect your lands, or wage wars against your enemies to further expand your nation. 

For more details pertaining all the planned changes, please see the About Minexle page.

Happy Halloween! 🎃

July 13th 2022 - Wiki Launch

This is an announcement for the launch of Minexle's wiki. Please refer to the About Minexle Archives for details on the goals, rules, and what's to come here. 

Updates to both the site and the server,, will be published here. As always, you can follow us on @minexle on twitter or join a reserved subreddit for this community on r/minexle. 

This wiki is to be used as a tool to help aid players in understanding this unique environment and sharing interesting discoveries. You can begin by learning about Minexle and its current goals and future plans for the server here.

Thank you for checking out Minexle Archives.