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Technical Difficulty?

If you're experiencing any difficulties or have questions about either this site or with the game server itself, feel free to reach out to [email protected].

Social Media

Content pushed out on our social media platforms are intended for a mature 18+ audience. We recommend refraining from following or connecting with any of the following platforms if vulgar language, dark comedy, adult humor, etc. makes you uncomfortable. By connecting and/or following any of the platforms provided, you have agreed and understood this warning.

We have an official community discord, join to hang out with the community and stay up to date with updates and community events.

You can also follow us for updates on our twitter, @minexle.

Also check out our community subreddit r/minexle.

We have reserved the subreddit, Minexle, however we are actively looking for moderators to run it for us. Please contact [email protected] with your application if you're interested.

Ban Appeals

Bans are automatic and it is possible for the server to flag you by mistake. If you believe you were wrongfully banned please contact [email protected] with any evidence you have to prove your innocence. We will investigate any bans including temporary ones.